Section 38 of Withdrawal Agreement


    Section 38 of the withdrawal agreement is a clause agreed upon between the United Kingdom and the European Union as part of the Brexit negotiations. This clause outlines the procedures for implementing and enforcing the agreement, including the establishment of specialized committees to oversee its implementation.

    The key purpose of Section 38 is to ensure that the withdrawal agreement is properly enforced by both parties. It sets out the process for establishing a Joint Committee that will oversee the implementation of the agreement and deal with any issues that arise during the transitional period.

    The Joint Committee will be composed of representatives from both the UK and the EU, and will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the withdrawal agreement. It will also have the authority to make decisions on any disputes that may arise between the UK and the EU during the transitional period.

    Another important aspect of Section 38 is the role it plays in protecting the rights of citizens. The agreement states that the UK and the EU must ensure that the rights of their citizens are protected during the transitional period. This includes the right to live and work in either the UK or the EU, as well as access to health care and other public services.

    In addition to this, Section 38 also covers the issue of financial settlements. The UK has agreed to pay a settlement fee to the EU as part of the withdrawal agreement, and this clause outlines the procedures for ensuring that the payments are made in a timely manner.

    Overall, Section 38 is a crucial part of the withdrawal agreement as it outlines the procedures for implementing and enforcing the agreement. It is designed to ensure that both parties are held accountable for their commitments, and that the agreement is properly enforced throughout the transitional period. As the UK and the EU continue to negotiate the terms of the Brexit deal, it is likely that Section 38 will remain a key part of the negotiations.

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